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  • ABB


  • Keyence

  • Omron

  • Panasonic

  • SLT

  • SMC

  • Supertool

    One of the widest range products in this industry. Suppertool is leading the market in developing products in new fields for further advancement in the next century.

    Hand Tools : General Hand Tools, Piping Tools, and other Special Tools .the business philosophy, "Development is the manufacturer's vital way to contribute to the good of the societyā€¯ 
  • Vertex

    Vertex is the largest machine tool accessories manufacturer in Taiwan.
    • The products supplied by "Vertex" are all passed strict inspection.
    • Customers in Germany are satisfied with Vertex quality for over 15years.
    • Vertex teams are always focus on researching and developing new products
      &innovating designs to meet the market trends.
    • We also pay attention to sufficient stock to make fast delivery and supply high quality tools